apple-tv-smart-boxIf you’re looking for a TV box that’s quite a few steps ahead of its competition, you should definitely give Apple TV box a try. The Siri-powered voice commands work very well and they will save you quite a lot of time, which adds a lot to the user experience. It does come without 4k support, however, but given the fact there is currently not a lot of content that takes advantage of the new technology, this might not be that big of a drawback.


The design remains pretty much unchanged in comparison to the older models, but even though the shape and the colour remain pretty much the same, the box is a bit taller this time around. Apart from that, you have the standard HDMI output, Ethernet, and USB ports. There’s no optical cable port, so the HDMI cable will have to do.

Hardware specifications

Its hardware specifications make the device quite a bit more powerful compared to the iPhone 6. Since Apple TV box has 2GB of ram, it should be able to handle every app out there.

As far as the storage capacity is concerned, you actually have a choice here. If you decide to go with the cheaper version of the product, you get 32GB, while the more expensive one will get you 64GB worth of storage. Since you’re probably going to be streaming most of the content, the storage capacity is unlikely going to be that important.

An upgraded remote

The Siri remote control is a welcome addition, and it does make things so much easier. You can use it to perform classical searches without typing a thing, but there’s actually even more to it. For example, let’s say you’re watching a movie and you’re unsure about what’s going on. You can just tell it to rewind the movie a bit and enable subtitles, which is a handy feature to have available.

To top it off, the remote can also function as a video game controller. This makes for a great experience when playing racing games, to name one example, since you can just tilt the remote controller to either left or right, which will have the same effect as a steering wheel.

Apart from that, Apple is focused on simplicity as always, which means the remote control doesn’t have that many buttons, so you are left with the only ones you’d probably end up using anyway.


As expected, Apple TV box enables you to access a huge marketplace that’s packed full of apps, whether it be video games or something else entirely. You can watch movies, view photos and other types of media. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, which goes in line with Apple’s core philosophy. And returning to the home screen is as simple as pressing a button.


– Overhauled look of the interface
– Siri remote allows for voice commands
– Thriving app ecosystem


– Comes without 4K support
– Clumsy on-screen keyboard


Apple TV box is the go-to place for all your streaming needs, and it can also function as a gaming console. The Siri-powered remote does wonders for the user experience, and the rich app ecosystem will keep you entertained for years to come. The 4K support is probably its biggest drawback, but for most of you out there, this should be a non-issue.

Highly recommended!