About eight motag-heuer-connected-the-ultimate-smart-watchnths ago Swiss watchmakers Tag Heuer announced that they were planning to join the smart watch wars and they have more than delivered. Not only have they stuck to the traditional luxury feel and design but they have also put out a device that caters for their traditional sport oriented market. Expected to retail at £990 the Tag Heuer Connected will spot an Intel chip and run the Android Wear Operating System. Could this be the smart watch that finally wins over the traditional luxury watch market?


The Connected is modeled on the company’s pre-existing Carrera family and comes fitted with three digital watch faces. The straps are made of vulcanized rubber available in seven different colors while the rest of its body is crafted out of grade-two titanium. Despite being one of the more spectacular smart watches the Connected also suffers from being a tad bit oversized. In fact it’s so big that company has admitted a lady’s version will only be availed once technology allows a smaller watch to be crafted.


The android operating system will be run by a 1.6 GHz dual core Intel processor supported by 1GB of RAM and a storage unit of 4GB. This will be wrapped around a sapphire crystal scratch-resistant screen boasting of a 1.5 inch circular LTPS LCD display. Its resolution will be about 360×360 ultimately having a pixel density of 240ppi. Weighing 52 grams the watch will have a 410mAh battery that will need to be charged at least once every two days.


Tag Heuer C.E.O has in the past admitted that he had at first wanted he watch to run on Apple’s ios platform but Hermes the French luxury giant beat him to it. This would have a much better scenario as most luxury shoppers are also iPhone users. Either way the Connected will be able to sync with Apple devices for menial task such as texting. The rest of its features are available on the Android Wear Store for download. It should be noted that most pre-installed apps are geared towards sports such as golf, motor racing and trail walking.


Tag Heuer has unveiled a promotion that will see the company replace the Connected with a mechanical watch if one does not find it useful or pleasurable. This should work well for those who are still not sold on the idea of having a computer chip their watches. It doesn’t hurt to try.

Pros and Cons

The Tag Heuer Connected isn’t perfect but it does beat out most of its competitors at what a good luxury watch does. Some of these include the fact that it is a status symbol as it is manufactured by a Swiss watch maker, it is made of luxury watch materials and it is aesthetically appealing unlike the apple watch. It does suffer drawbacks such as poor battery life, huge build and the fact that smart watches don’t really add any value that smart phones already do.


The Connected is a game changer in the smart watch wars and could be the first watch that helps transition traditional watch fanatics to a new era. It looks like a luxury watch and functions like a smart watch and this is why you should consider it.