parrot-bebop-droneThe Parrot Bebop is a drone that’s built to compete with products nearly twice its price and to offer similar levels of performance. So does it stand out or falls flat to its face? Let’s find out


The Parrot Bebop is designed with simplicity is a guideline. You are basically going to purchase a 4 rotor object with a camera and a huge battery. At 466 Euros, don’t expect to find the top of the line body design and beauty here. Corners had to be cut to get to that price point and it seems looks was on the first order of business to be curled. The Parrot Bebop flies up to 2 km away and because of that distance, the designers so fit to give it strong colours. That means that it can be viewed from quite a distance.

Battery removal is a breeze because of the string that’s attached to the connector that can be used to fetch the battery when it’s time for removal. The slide mechanism used by these drones ensure that the battery doesn’t easily pop out in case of a crash. And there is also a Velcro strap that’s used to secure the battery.

The rc drone by Parrot is extremely light coming in a 400g. The material used here makes it both light and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about buying a new drone if you crash it into a tree or a building. If you travel a lot then you will love this drone, the rotors are easily removable for luggage packing.

The one thing that we think is a design flaw is the camera. The glass of the camera points outwards of the nose making it more prone to scratches.


The Parrot Bebop uses a fisheye camera that’s capable of taking footage with an 180-degree field of view and is now seen as one of the main rivals for drones for GoPro cameras. There is also a sstabilisation feature that allows for fluid footage to be cropped and taken even if the drone is performing up hazard and violent movements. There is also no micro shake in the camera because of the rotor movements. This is a problem that’s experienced a lot by drones at this price point so kudos to the Parrot Bebop.

The video quality from the camera can be quite stunning at times, but you will be sorely disappointed if you use it in places with low lighting. Once you are done with your footage you can immediately upload the video to websites such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

The parrot has a built in GPS that guides the drone to find home, quite a nifty feature if you’re a beginner with drones and you don’t want to fly the drone back to you. It can even hover above the ground until it’s prompted to land.

If you decide to purchase the Sky controller expect the price to increase by another 374 Euros to the price tag. The ski controller boosts the Wi-Fi range to about 1.2 km to connect to the Parrot. It also has multi-directional controls instead of using the app on your Apple device or Android Device.

For those you cannot afford the price tag of a Bebop a less expensive option is the hb homeboat® u818s drone. It less than half the price of the flagship Parrot quadcopter but is still very capable and resonsive for being a mid level entry.


It takes a while to get used to this specific drone considering it’s marketed as the drone for armatures and semi-professionals. The Parrot drone has a bug where it just stops responding to controls and we suspect it’s a firmware issue. Nonetheless, we expect that to be solved soon by a future download. Battery performance is also a bit of a concern because we were only able to get 11-12 minutes out of it.

But at this price point there isn’t much that you can really complain about. The Parrot Bebop Drone represents absolute value for money. Check out reviews of the best camera drones and quadcopters at